Richard Rogers is a gifted and inspired teacher, coach and minister. Over the last 25 years, he has been a spiritual teacher and leader to thousands of individuals. He has worked and studied with the great spiritual teachers of our time.

As a speaker, he is powerful, dynamic and humorous while going right into the heart and soul of his audience. He teaches people to expand their capacity to love, broaden the possibilities of their life through changing their value, and to do the impossible. Over and over again, Richard takes people to a deeper experience of God.


For over fourteen years, Richard led Unity of Phoenix into one of the greatest Unity Churches in the country. In 2006, he stepped down to reinvent himself and created the Mastering the Impossible Coaching Program. Richard works with coaching clients all over the country assisting them in creating the impossible in their lives.

Richard has created numerous programs, articles and audio books, including “Principles of Prosperity,” “Life beyond Limits,” and “Healing the Soul.” His books and teachings combine the wisdom and language of a spiritual messenger who will lift you up and challenge you to live your own greatness.


In 2013, Richard accepted a position to again rejoin the staff at Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center to lead their Wednesday night service. He loves the experience of creating worship experiences. It is sacred and holy when people join together to feel the presence of God.

Rev. Richard Rogers