It’s Always About Value

What if there is one problem that creates all other problems?  What if this problem is so prevalent we never think to solve it instead we continue to try to solve all the problems it creates?  Relationships problems, job problems, money problems and health problems all have the same core issue.  What if we continue to struggle year after year trying to fix our lives but we never get to the real issue?  How frustrating would that be?

What if we then turn to spiritual principles believing they will help?   We spend time learning all that we can about the things of the Spirit but only see limited benefits?  We may even watch others practice the same spiritual principles with wonderful results but we only seem to get marginal benefit.  We may even begin to believe that others are more blessed or have a special relationship with life so we ask ‘What is the problem?’.

The answer is value. Value is the master program that creates everything in our lives.  As we change our value, we change everything in our lives.  As we learn how to value ourselves, we learn how to create the life we desire.

Lack of value is the reason the spiritual principles never seem to give us the same bang they give other people. We give, give, give and never seem to be able to receive because our value won’t allow it. Our value is actually blocking the blessing of the Divine.

The problem seems so simple that we just can’t believe it is the real issue but it is. Would you be willing to attempt one change if I promised it would truly move your life forward. Change your value. Stop waiting for others to validate you and decide today that you are a person of value. The affirmation that I share with people is, “I am a person of great value.  I am an expression of God.”

As you commit to leveraging up your value, life becomes easier and more graceful than it has ever been previously.   As you improve your value, you will watch the struggles, control, drama and lack fall away because there is nothing to support them any longer.  As we increase our value, our relationships with ourselves, others and the Infinite become deeper and more profound.  If you are willing to do one thing to change your life, improve your value.

Now I want to hear from you so let me know how your value impacted your life?  Can you think of a time when you changed your value and it changed your life, if so, please share it.