A Summer of Miracles


MIRACLES happen every day. In this series, Rev. Richard Rogers explores the principles we can practice to help create miracles in our lives.



Do you want a miracle?

I just completed an amazing series of lessons called A Summer of Miracles. It was explosive. People were having miracles right and left and I want to share it with you.

We had miracles in business, health, legal matters, and relationships. We even had a woman who’s house was completely paid off for her. One lady went in to have a breast biopsied and the power went out. When she went back two weeks later the cyst was completely gone. The one that touched my heart the most was a person who suffered with depression her whole life and as she went through the process the depression was gone. Her life is forever changed.

What’s your miracle going to be?

Imagine experiencing the miracle that you desire most. How great would that feel? Your first step is to prepare yourself to receive. You have to decide, like 100’s of others, that you are ready for your miracle.

Here are the 8 elements of a miracle:

  • The Miracle of Being Ready
  • The Miracle of Love
  • The Miracle Asking and Declaring
  • The Miracle of Believing
  • The Miracle of Transformation
  • The Miracle of Surrender
  • The Miracle of Action
  • The Miracle of Waiting

I promise in each lesson you will receive a new idea or spiritual principle that will walk you through step-by-step to your miracle. These lessons are taught in a way that you’ve never heard before.

People would have paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars for their miracles. Order now and receive all 8 lessons in a 4 CD package for ONLY $40.00 (plus $5.00 shipping & handling.)