Profound Gratitude

Do you know where you are on your own spiritual journey?  Are you asleep or fully awake?

There’s an easy way of knowing where you are in your process of enlightenment at any moment in time.  Here’s the test.  A soul that is asleep spends most of its time being ungrateful. A soul that is beginning to wake up moves in and out of gratitude.  But a soul that is fully awake and totally enlightened lives perpetually in profound gratitude.

So where are you? Are you ungrateful or unaware of the blessings all around you?  Or are you aware of some of the blessings, but miss noticing all that is amazing and wonderful about life?  Or are you a soul who is wide awake to life: filled to the brim with gratitude to the degree that you can hardly believe how blessed you are every single day?

The path to spiritual awakening is letting your soul feel profound gratitude. The enlightened sing the joys of God because they notice and are profoundly grateful for them.  Every soul is blessed, but it is the awakened soul that recognizes and appreciates that fact.

Our job this month is to let ourselves feel profound gratitude.  I invite you to make a daily gratitude list.
Complete each day by spending five minutes reviewing your life and giving thanks for all the blessings in it.  Appreciate the people around you and each moment that you are living.  Let your heart feel how good it is to be alive!

The infinite goodness of God surrounds and enfolds us, but only the enlightened notice. Today let profound gratitude awaken your soul to life and the many ways that God is blessing you.

Happy Thanksgiving!