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Four Steps to Fearless Living

How do we live fearlessly when there seems to be so many things that scare us? We seem to be afraid of everything. We are afraid to go to the doctor and we are afraid not to go. We are afraid of the past and the future. We are afraid to know and not to know. How do we breakout of the pattern of fearful thinking and live fearlessly?
Here is a four steps process that moves us out of our fears and into fearless living:

1. Dedicate your life to God– There is something that happens when you turn your life over to God or your Higher Power. You no longer live for you but begin to access greater power and confidence. When you surrender your will and ask to do the will and the work of God you are no longer trying to figure things out to keep yourself safe. God is now in charge of your life and you are here not just for your own desires but to but to fulfill your Divine purpose. Your prayer becomes Thy will be done.

2. Deep Listening– There is a deep knowing within you. Your soul knows how to keep you safe. Your soul can guide you into a greater life. Your soul can access the infinite wisdom of God but you need to listen to the deeper conversation that is going on within you. As you listen to your own inner voice consistently you will be amazed at what is revealed to you.

3. Courageous Action-It is not enough to listen to God, you have to be willing to put the wisdom and guidance into effect in your life and that takes courage. Knowledge is not enough. Knowledge demands courageous action. It is not enough to know the truth you have to be willing to quickly, boldly act with as little resistance as possible. The way your life becomes better is to act from the highest understanding that you know.

4. Enlightened Review– As you begin to live this process it builds your faith in God and yourself. Each day as you dedicate your life to God, listen deeply and take courageous action, you watch your life transform. You will also see ways that you can dedicate more of yourself to God, listen deeper and let go of old resistance to taking action.

Copyrighted Richard D Rogers 2014