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Vision Quest 2016

Are you ready for a deeper, more meaningful New Year? Do you desire to live a more spiritually focused life? Are you ready to go on a vision quest?

What is Vision Quest 2016? It is a multi-dimensional process over the first four weeks of January which will lead you beyond the life that you know, through confronting your fears, into a powerful spiritual awakening and creating a game plan for an expanded life experience.

Vision Quest 2016:

  • Week One: It all begins when you are willing to leave what you know. It is about letting go of the familiar and the usual for something far greater.
  • Week Two: You will be asked to confront your fears. You get to pick which fears but you will be challenged to pick the fears that would change everything.
  • Week Three: You will be ready for a profound spiritual experience. You will be open and receptive to a greater experience of God and life.
  • Week Four: You will take all that you have been through and create a game plan for an expanded, more meaningful, deeper life.

Dimensions of the program:

  • Weekly lesson at Unity of Phoenix during the Wednesday Night Service (video recording available for those who live outside of the Phoenix area).
  • Sunday Night Conference Calls to ask questions and create a group mind set throughout the process.
  • Tuesday Morning Meditations live which will be recorded for additional playback.

It begins on Wednesday January 6th at 7:00 pm during the Unity of Phoenix Wednesday Night Service and our first conference call will be on Sunday the 10th at 4:00 pm PT/ 7:00 pm ET.

Vision Quest 2016 is my gift to you. All you have to do is sign up to get all the information about the Sunday night conference calls, meditations and a couple of special surprises.

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