Twelve Holy Happenings

With so much happening in the holiday season, I wanted to share with you 12 great ways to experience the sacred this month.   

  1. Set a Holiday Spiritual Intention– Everything begins with an intention.  If you want more love, joy, or peace during the holidays, set the intention. Do you want to feel the presence of God? Your intentions create your experience. Give yourself the holiday you desire by setting that intention.
  2. Find Something Sacred Each Day– It maybe a leaf in the shape of a heart or a cloud that looks like an angel. The key to looking for the sacred and holy in daily life is the more we look, the more we find.  As we find the sacred, we feel a connection to God and life in the little moments and events.
  3. Perform 12 Acts of Service– Find 12 ways this holiday to be of service.  Write each one down on a post-it-note, place it on the wall and then do it.  At the end of the season you will celebrate the ways you made a difference.
  4. Forgive Everyone on Your Forgiveness List– To forgive everyone on your forgiveness list you first have to have a forgiveness list.  Start there.  Who do you need to forgive and for what? If you feel that you can’t forgive ask God for help. As you forgive everyone for everything on your list, you will start the New Year free and ready for all of its good.
  5. Double Your Meditation Time– To double your meditation time, you first have to have meditation time. If you don’t, start by quieting your mind for 5 minutes every day and listening to your inner guidance. If you can take time for meditation, each day, during the holidays you can do it anytime.
  6. Enjoy a Silent Retreat– This can be for any length of time from an hour or two to a couple of days. It is about quieting your mind and your month so that you can hear the voice of your soul. You can do it at a local park, a retreat center, or friend’s guest room.  The deal is to just be quiet and live in the silence.
  7. Carry a Sacred Object as a Reminder of Your Intention– This can be a stone, a coin, or anything that reminds you of the spiritual commitments that you have made during the holidays.
  8. Pray for a friend– There are so many people who could benefit by your prayers. Hold someone in prayer and feel your connection to them and to the Divine.  With your mind’s eye see them whole, blessed and well.  You just might find out you’re a healer.
  9. Go to the Mall and Bless Everyone You See– Now what I forgot to say at service on Wednesday night was to bless them silently. (Some people were worried that mall security would be called.) Find your spot within the mall and when anyone walks by silently bless him or her.  As you do, you actually become a greater conduit for God.
  10. Give an Anonymous Gift– It can be in line at a fast food restaurant or to your favorite charity.  The key is that you can give a gift that makes a difference without taking credit.
  11. Light a Candle Every Day for Someone You Love– It can be the same person every day or every day you can pick someone different.
  12. Fast One Meal a Week– During this season of feasts and parties pick one meal a week and fast. It is more powerful than you can image.

A word of caution, don’t try to do them all.  Pick one or two and take them deep. Your soul does not need more busy work, it wants to be fed.

May you be richly blessed during this holy time when there is beauty and light everywhere.

God Bless you and Merry Christmas!

Richard Rogers