Two Words That Will Change Everything

I have two words for you today that will change everything. They have the power to bring a smile and a laugh just saying them. These words are so powerful that they will expand your faith and cause you to believe. They will give you hope simply by hearing them come out of your mouth.   When I tell you what the words are you are going to think come on Richard, what is the big deal? Ready? The two words are, “of course.”

Let me share feedback from Marie Howell, is an amazing artist and client, on a call we had together on October 1st of last year,

“You were talking about our soul declaration for the coming year. You talked about how God wants to bless us beyond our wildest dreams and our job is to expand in value and receive. Then you talked about where we need more support in our life to create the next version of ourselves. I said I needed to trust that my presence is enough and I needed to live from a place of expecting and trusting that the universe is working for me. Then you said to practice: “Absolutely, Of course the Universe wants to bless me! Of course the Universe is working for me! Of course I am being financially prospered through my art!” The “Of course” made it more powerful like—is there any doubt? No!”

So let’s try it.  What is your soul’s declaration or affirmation?

Let’s say, “I am prosperous.” Now add “of course.”  “Of course I am prosperous.”

Say it is, “I am healed.”  Now add “of course.” “Of course I am healed.”

Let’s say it is about a new relationship, “I am in wonderful loving divine relationship.” Now let’s add “of course.” “Of course I am in a wonderfully loving divine relationship.”

Which of these is more powerful? “Of course” is always more powerful.

Why do we have a soul declaration or affirmation? We do it to create the next version of our lives. It allows us to expand our faith to be big enough for what we really want. Most of us want to create is just beyond what we believe.  When we add “of course” it quickly expands our faith to become greater than our desires and thus allows us to create our heart’s desires.

Lets’ go back to Marie and read what happen to her,

“I had just published an article in an online women’s community magazine a couple of days before that and I had included some photos of my art.  Within 12 hours of our call I got an email from someone who saw the article online and wanted to know if Divine Magic was for sale. It really wasn’t—it was hanging on my bedroom wall next to my bed. But I thought I just told the universe I wanted financial prosperity so how could I say no? We were not even home—we were on vacation—I didn’t even know the dimensions of the piece. So I told her sure it was for sale—I decided on a price based on the price of a statue I wanted to buy that I had just seen the day before while on vacation. She immediately wrote back ok.  She didn’t care about the dimensions of it. I told her I couldn’t ship it until we got back. She didn’t care. When she did receive it, she was overjoyed with it.”

“Then less than 2 weeks later I sold 4 pieces of art in 2 days. I had offered to bring some art to add ambiance to a women’s retreat. I was helping with a craft project, so I just brought some work that I had at home to create a nice atmosphere. Most of them didn’t even have prices on them. It started that Saturday, the ladies were asking if my art was for sale—I had no signs on them. I sold a huge painting before the retreat even started—then the same lady decided to buy another large piece the next day. I also sold a very large canvas to one of the organizers of the retreat. Total sales of the art sold in the 2 weeks after the call — just under $4000. You know before that I had mostly only been selling prints and cards and some embellished crosses–sporadically. Until the Of Course call I hadn’t sold a painting in over a year and a half.”

“Then in November I got the email from Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine that they were going to feature me in their March 2014 issue as one of 3 Emerging artists. (I had sent in application materials over a year before that and had completely forgotten about it—I had heard nothing at all from them—it was totally out of the blue.)”

Well today Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine is featuring Marie Howell as one of three their Emerging Artist.  Of course she is…

How about you? Are ready for support in getting your life on track and where you want it to be? Of course you are.  Give me a call today and schedule your first coaching appointment, 480-588-5523. Together let’s find out just how great your life can be.