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The Five Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Live in the Moment

Are you ever anxious, overwhelmed or just plain “frecked-out”? How do we manage a life that […]

Is the Dream Still Alive?

This week we celebrated our Dr. Martin Luther King/Civil Rights holiday.  It’s so wonderful that we […]

A New Year Commitment

This year I made a commitment to how I was going to show up. I wanted […]

Vision Quest 2016

Are you ready for a deeper, more meaningful New Year? Do you desire to live a […]

Profound Gratitude

Do you know where you are on your own spiritual journey?  Are you asleep or fully […]

Four Steps to Fearless Living

How do we live fearlessly when there seems to be so many things that scare us? […]

Seven Reasons to be Grateful

How much time do you spend giving thanks? What is your favorite thing to give thanks […]

11 Signs of Low Value and 3 Things to Do About It!

Have you ever wondered how you know if you have a low sense of value? Here […]

The Three Secret Thoughts We Don’t Want to Admit to Ourselves That Keep Us Stuck In Our Relationships By Jill and Richard Rogers

Relationships are tricky.  Most of our lives are spent in relationship: romantic relationships, business relationships, family […]

Two Words That Will Change Everything

I have two words for you today that will change everything. They have the power to […]